Sysfore Retail Master Data Management

A key factors for efficiency in retail is an good management of master data. Accurate and comprehensive master data is critical not only as the foundation of retail operations but also as inputs to critical business decisions. It is important to have an effective management of master data through maintenance of a single, trusted, accurate, fully updated and complete source of data.

Furthermore, it is important to be able to interact with the master data in a way that makes the working a lot more efficient and less time consuming such as formation of alternate groups, lists etc.

Sysfore Retail Master Data Management facilitates comprehensive master data management for retailers on top of a robust and scalable platform, which helps in quick, efficient and relatively error free retail operations management.

Key foundation data captured and managed in Sysfore Retail:
  • Organisation hierarchy
  • Merchandise hierarchy
  • Supplier master
  • Customer master

Apart from foundation masters, other masters maintained & supported are:
  • Item masters
  • Taxation master
  • Variant master
  • Attributes master

Key impact areas from using Sysfore Master Data Management:
  • Ability to have alternate store groups in addition to the hierarchical grouping
  • Ability to have multiple price points basis region, store groups etc.
  • Ability to have selective promotions
  • Assortment execution

Used along with Sysfore's other components and features for retail specific operations management Sysfore Master Data Management is a preferred choice for retail businesses.