Sysfore Retail ERP: Product Features

Sysfore Retail ERP is a retail management platform built to handle fairly complex Retail Chain Operations for midsize businesses. Sysfore Retail ERP is built on the community edition of the Openbravo 3 ERP platform to provide advantages of an enterprise grade, reliable, open standards based modern technical architecture and scalable framework, at its core. The core platform has been extended to include a industry-vertical-specific wrap-around modular solution, by adapting the underlying core master data, business processes and configurations to handle the complex needs of a midsize retail chain environment.

Sysfore Retail ERP is comprehensive for a mid-sized retail operation and key modules include:
  1. Sysfore Retail Master Data Management
  2. Sysfore Retail Merchandise Operations Management
  3. Sysfore Retail Pricing & Promotions Management
  4. Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management
  5. Sysfore Retail Financial Management
  6. Sysfore Retail HR & Payroll

Sysfore Retail ERP Modules

Sysfore Retail ERP is also put together by a team of Retail Industry practitioners that blend a rich experience in IT and Retail Operations.

Sysfore Retail is designed and built from the ground up to be Retail Ready.
  1. It includes ERP implementation templates that are retail industry specific.
  2. It is easy to define a retail enterprise organization structure across functional or geographic lines
  3. There is an emphasis on quality, accuracy & reliability of Retail Master Data
  4. It is designed to easily setup product and merchandise hierarchies

Retail Organization Hierarchy

Sysfore Retail ERP is put together using a good mix of proven, open standards based platforms, tools and functionality, all stitched together and value-enhanced for retail, to make a wholesome, integrated environment that will offer itself as a source of sustainable value in being considered as a strategic investment. We understand that an investment in an IT Asset like an ERP for Retail is a core priority and a very considered one. Sysfore Retail ERP will provide benefits for many years and serve its purpose. Sysfore Retail has lifetime value, as it is agile and adaptable, has significant lower costs of implementation, adoption and operation. Total cost of ownership will be low as it is built on open standards and non-proprietary programming languages.

Sustainable Value for your Strategic Asset

Open standards based proven platform Agility, Adaptability, Scalability Integrate third party applications.
Quickly rollout platform &
enhancements. No need to build
from scratch.
Proven deployment in scalable
enterprise environments.
Mainstream programming environment Extensibility & Evolutions Ability to quickly add new functions.
Corporate IT can take control.
Easy manageability
Web based ERP on LAMP Stack Lower Total Cost of
Longer Life and Relevance
Better and consistent Returns
Easier user adoption and usability
360-degree Integrated Retail ERP
Sysfore Retail ERP + Sysfore P0S + Sysfore POS for Store Back Office + Sysfore eCommerce Store
Integrated Retail Management Software

In completely integrated Retail Store Setup, the core data and all core retail transactions are recently managed through the Sysfore Retail ERP. The retailer gets full functionality to manage Merchandise, Retail Supply Chain, Price & Promotions centrally and roll out and manage the same through the retail chain in multiple store fronts and formats.

Additionally, Sysfore POS is used as the store front end for physical stores, and for the store back office. Sysfore eCommerce Store is enable the online sales channel fore the retailer. Sysfore POS and Sysfore eCommerce Store work with Sysfore Retail ERP as the system of record.

Functionality Benefits of Sysfore Retail ERP - integrated Retail Store Operations as against Stand-alone Store operations:

  • Integrated Retail operations controlled through one core Retail ERP
  • Centralized Retail Master Data Management
  • Centralized Retail Merchandise Data Management
  • Centralized Product and Promotions Planning
  • Centralized Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Centralized Finance and Accounting for entire Retail Organization
  • Centralized HR & Payroll Management
  • Synchronized real-time or near real-time transaction processing
  • Centralized monitoring of health of Retail environment, KPIs
  • Semi-independent capability at Store levels