Sysfore Retail Ecommerce Store Features

Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store is built using the open source Magento eCommerce engine with deep integration into Sysfore Retail ERP in the form of connectors, reports and interfaces. When used with Sysfore Retail ERP, Sysfore Retail eCommerce overrides native functionality in Magento to use Sysfore ERP tables for master data. Therefore information about Products, Prices, Promotions, Sales, Orders, Customer and Shipping information, to name a few, is pulled directly out of the ERP data for Sysfore Retail eCommerce as well. There is tight integration of this web store, enabling it to act as another storefront and extension of the enterprise that is centrally managed. Reporting within Sysfore Retail eCommerce includes both web storefront data and ERP data.

Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store Features

Order Management Checkout, Payment and Shipping Customer Service
Customer Accounts Catalog Management Product browsing
Catalog browsing Marketing promotion and tools Reporting
Search Engine Optimization Site Management

Similar to Sysfore POS, Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store can function in two modes. The first mode works closely with Sysfore Retail ERP and the second works stand-alone without this integration to Sysfore Retail ERP.

Sysfore Retail ERP for Internet Retailers

Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store and Sysfore Retail ERP together forms Sysfore's solution for internet retailers.

Benefits of using using Sysfore Retail ERP with Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store

  • Improve operational efficiencies and cycle time reductions across multi-channel operations
  • Bring order to a chaotic inventory management system
  • A business platform that supports the entire range of functions a retail business needs to operate
  • Streamline accounting functions
  • Open standards based, providing flexible architecture and broad selection of third-party-add-on products
  • System that is cost-effective, and has functionality you require today, and in the future

Sysfore Retail Ecommerce Store Features