Sysfore Retail ERP: Retail Software for Specialty Retailers

Specialty Retail is a highly competitive business having to compete for customer spend against the wide variety of choices and deals available to customers in these difficult times. The right enterprise platform is a strategic asset of high importance and goes a long way in an environment that needs to increasingly optimize inventory turns, manage a vast range of suppliers and keep product offerings relevant to customers at the same time.

Sysfore Retail, built on the open standards based Openbravo ERP platform provides the right balance of appropriate features and reliable technology that is extensible, scalable and open; for a specialty retailer making its name in the world. Moreover Sysfore Retail delivers with comparable lowest cost of implementation, lowest cost of ownership and lowest cost of continued operation.

Fully understanding the challenges inherent in the fashion retail environment, our solution features capability to manage:
  • Long merchandising cycles
  • Optimized Inventory management and recognition of fast and slow moving items
  • Seasonality in sales
  • Large vendor base and increased vendor risk
  • Need for loyalty programs
  • Out of Stock Situations

An open, enterprise grade platform, besides being cost efficient, offers significant advantages for grocery retailers in many other ways too:

Vendor Independence
  • no tie-in's and dependence on vendors who dictate terms and can't match service levels needed for a 24/7/365 business operation

Future proof - Extensibility
  • An open standards based platform that integrates more easily with new age, open standards based cutting edge products out there in the marketplace. Hence new open source based toolsets for business intelligence, dashboards, business process engines etc can easily be integrated and added on to the core platform greatly extending features at competitive costs.

Speed of Innovation
  • With open standards based toolsets and components, there is significantly greater ease and speed of integration and the capability to offer new features be it in products, service, formats or channels. Be ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow, be it pricing transparency through comparison shopping engines, mobile interfaces, or socially sensitive and sustainable commerce.

Efficient, Scalable, Adaptable Infrastructure
  • Open standards based software is now mature and is widely prevalant in its use in enterprises and is proven to be scalable, efficient and adaptable. With a myriad set of tools available, performance can be greatly enhanced instead of being tied down to only expensive proprietary technology based tools and services.