Sysfore Retail Human Resource & Payroll Management

Sysfore Retail HR & Payroll is an exhaustive solution for HR or Personnel Management departments of any retail operation. This solution helps in managing employee information, and assists in processing payroll. Monthly attendance and payroll can be processed and necessary accounting entries can be automatically passed in the finance and accounting module based on the stipulated configuration. Different types of reports, including those by employee can be generated according to user needs. An employee user interface is available in this solution. Sysfore Retail HR & Payroll is designed to be customizable to tailor functionality to user needs.

Key features of Sysfore Retail HR & Payroll include:
  • Employee Information Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Work Shift Management
  • Team Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll & Benefits Management
  • Loans & Advances
  • Employee Exit process

Employee Information: The Employee Information feature allows HR managers to add and maintain employee data such as personal information, job descriptions, experience, and qualification and leave status. This information is integrated into the solution, making it available anywhere, anytime for management and employees.

Leave Management: Leave Management is used to automate HR policies pertaining to employee time off. This allows -- submissions of leave requests, manager approvals, and the tracking of leave balances. Employees can also record and track their personal leave status. Notifications can be sent to users when time off is requested & approved.

Time and Attendance Management: This feature automates time tracking. The time at punch in and punch out of an employee is recorded – giving managers the ability to easily monitor attendance & absences.
Organizations that currently use devices such as biometric or smart cards can import the data from those systems and process the attendance for all the employees in one go.

Work Shift: Managers can use the Work Shift feature to manage employee work schedules across 24 hours of the work day including regular work shifts, long-term night shifts and work schedules in which employees change or rotate shifts.

Team Management: Using Team Management, the business can define teams of employees with sets of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or a project.

Payroll & Benefits Management: Payroll Management offers the business the ability to define Pay components. It provides for unlimited pay grades, deductions, tax tables and loans to manage the payroll calculation process. HR can generate Pay slips and access historical employee payroll reports.

Loans & Advances: Managers can track the employee’s loans & advances, scheduling of loans to be deducted from the salary with multiple EMI’s. Similarly Employee can track his loan amount and the pending deductions.

Employee Exit Process: Manager can track the employees who have submitted their resignation and to track their full and final settlement & No dues details.
  • Module Set up
    • Attendance & Payroll Cycle
    • Employee Category
    • Employee Departments
    • Employee Designation/Position
    • Employee Pay grade
  • Employee Information Management (Employee Records Management)
    • Employee General Information
    • Employee Personal Details
    • Employee Employment History
    • Employee Qualification Details
    • Employee Leave Information

HR and Payroll Management

  • Time and Attendance Management
    • Employee Attendance marking/logging (in/out)
    • Import Attendance
    • Manual Punch-in/Punch-out
    • Attendance Processing
  • Work Shift Management
    • Creating Work shifts
    • Assigning HR to specific Work shifts
    • Overtime Accounting
  • Team Management
    • Creating Team
    • Assigning HR to specific team
  • Leave Management
    • Recording Opening balance
    • Allocation of leave
    • Leave Requisition
    • Leave Approval/Rejection
    • Leave Adjustment
    • Leave Encashment Requisition
    • Leave Encashment Approval/Reject
    • Employee Leave Status Report
  • Payroll & Benefits Management
    • Payroll Setup
    • Pay grade generation (Associate Pay Components)
    • Employee Salary Setup
    • Formula based pay components
    • Pay Additions
    • Pay Deductions
    • Employee Reimbursement
    • Employee Benefits/Allowances
    • Loans & Advances
    • Professional Tax Computation *
    • TDS Computation*
    • Payroll processing
    • Payroll Journal posting
    • Full & Final settlement
    • Pay slip Generation
  • * indicates the features in road map.