Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management

Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management provides 360-degree visibility and control over retail inventory information, material, and financial flows throughout the retailer’s value chain. Retailers are able to streamline business processes and centralize data, even across multiple warehouses to improve retail inventory management and replenishment process efficiency. Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management consists of managing procurement, suppliers, warehouse and inventory.

Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management includes essential features as required of Retail Inventory Management Systems. Open standards based interfaces allow for easy integration with partners in the retail supply chain.

Key Features of Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management:
  • Centralized Procurement and Supplier Management
  • Purchase planning and Inventory Replenishment
  • Maintains accurate perpetual inventory by location
  • Inventory planning, physical inventory, Real-time Inventory Visibility & Reporting at all levels
  • Supports the maintenance, processing and viewing of inventory by case, inner packs, inventory units and weight
  • Schedules and manages physical inventory counts and cycle counts
  • Share Inventory and usage information with suppliers through secure role-based browser access
  • Warehouse Management -setup and control of warehouse units, definitions, etc.
  • Reports on stock movements and audits item movement
  • Manage product lots
  • Supports radio frequency or paper-based warehouse processes and receiving, put-away, flow-through, picking, letdown, shipping and inventory control
  • Plans, executes and manages merchandise storage and flow

Sysfore Retail ERP Supply Chain Management