Sysfore Retail Pricing & Promotions Management

Sysfore Retail Pricing & Promotions Management provides decision support by interfacing with merchandising systems for unit and territory managers to increase sales and margins. Pricing and promotional strategies can be rolled out for units or zones.

Pricing management includes the ability to have multiple price points for an item, supports Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and uses price lists to manage pricing across zones. Pricing zones can be based on organization hierarchy as well as store groupings.

Managing the pricing lifecycle for a retailer between regular prices, promotion prices and markdown prices is a key exercise. Sysfore Retail Pricing and Promotions Management tool allows for promotions and markdown price management.

Promotion prices are the primary tool for managing category traffic with special prices. Markdown prices are utilized to recoup untapped revenue on idle inventory typically at the end of the pricing lifecycle.

The effectiveness of a retailer's price promotion strategy depends on how it is aligned with its assortment overlap and assortment life span. In Sysfore Retail ERP, the retail assortment management functionality within merchandise management supports defining assortments across locations and by organizational hierarchy and store groups.

Promotions management supports all major types of price promotions. Key price promotion types include:
  • Price Off
  • Percentage Off
  • Bill value promotions
  • Buy-Get promotions

Promotions can be planned based on organization hierarchy / location / store groups. Item selection for promotions can be at any merchandise hierarchy level.

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