Sysfore Retail Merchandise Management System

The Merchandise Management Module is the heart of retail operations and the primary system supporting operational activities at most retailers. Through our retail merchandising software, you can define a foundation that connects your merchandise, store and supply chain. This helps improve execution significantly.

Our approach is to help simplify your merchandise and organization hierarchies, maintain accurate product and vendor information, support multiple sales channels and provide management with controls. Through the merchandise management system you can accurately and seamlessly process thousands of activities every day against the largest item and category databases.

Our feature-rich Retail Merchandise Management system allows the merchandising team to deliver on key result areas by driving sales and margins with optimized pricing and assortment promotions, managing optimized inventory and controlling costs as well as managing stock outs, enabling automatic execution of merchandising using predefined workflows by issuing Purchase Orders once allocations are planned, managing stock through replenishments etc. A robust set of pre-defined reports presents real-time and reliable quality information for decision making too.

Key features of the Sysfore Retail Merchandise Management System:

  • Sets up organizational/merchandise classifications including user-defined hierarchies and attributes
  • Transactions are recorded both at company and SKU Levels
  • Variant Management - Ability to manage variants to an SKU
  • Assortment Planning and Management
  • Automatic generation of SKUs using variants
  • Support for multiple item types
  • Supports consignment goods / concessionaire
  • Flexible UOM
  • Ability to support Break-pack and Pre-pack
  • Supports multiple price-points
  • Define replenishment parameters
  • Plans, executes and manages merchandise storage and flow
  • Attributes Management
  • Merchandise Management and Information Reports

Retail Merchandise Hierarchy Example

Retail Category Management Software